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Innovative, Secure, Optimized Document Delivery & Payment Processing

PCI PinpointPCI Group believes organizations should know exactly where their mail communications/documents are at any time, during any stage of its processing. Our Pinpoint technology enables just that.

  • Want to know where a piece of mail is within the mail stream?
    Pinpoint tells you.
  • Want to know which records were delivered…what day…what time?
    Pinpoint shows you.
  • Want to maintain a historical record of each document in our database?
    Pinpoint does.
  • Want to select what letter should be mailed and which should be held?
    Pinpoint lets you.
  • Want detailed information on how many address changes, forward and return mail records were processed?
    Pinpoint gives you that level of detail.
  • Want to know how long your mail is taking to travel across the country?
    Pinpoint tells you.
  • Want to know who has mailed their remittance envelope back and when a remittance reply envelope is on its way back to you?
    Pinpoint tells you.

Pinpoint’s inherent “intelligence” empowers you in a way no other technology does. It lets you optimize your business processes (e.g. program dialers to precisely when a letter arrives in a recipient’s mailbox) for maximum productivity, cash flow and profitability.

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