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Innovative, Secure, Optimized Document Delivery & Payment Processing

PCI EDeliveryIn an ever changing digital landscape, PCI Group stays ahead of the curve with innovative technologies of today and tomorrow. For organizations that require digital postal mail delivery, PCI Group offers its e-Delivery service. No need to change your existing collection letters or invoices, we takes care of the digital processing and transformation end-to-end.

Utilizing a RSA encrypted, certified digital platform in compliance with PCI-DSS, HIPAA, FISMA, and BITS security standards, we give you all the advantages of digital mail delivery:

  • Completely safe, secure channel for sensitive data and documents such as invoices and financial statements
  • Faster, cost-effective mail delivery
  • Mobility for you and your mail/document recipients who can access their mail 365/24/7 from any computer or mobile device, from virtually any location
  • Electronic notifications to your document recipients of your mail
  • Centralized online location for secure document storage
  • Valuable interactive features linking you with your mail/document recipients and enabling you to send receipts after a payment is received, and allow your recipient to attach receipts to bill and store it.

Online Payment Option

More payment options for your customers means more payments for you. With an increasing number of consumers utilizing the web to pay their bills, it only makes sense to provide this option on your mailings. PCI Group completes the communication cirlce implenting our PCI Payments to provide this service to you

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