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PCI-Colletters-Letters-LogoYour Collection Letter Vendor

Debt Collection Letter delivery is all about establishing a positive relationship with your debtors to facilitate debt collection. PCI provides a seamless, end-to-end collection letters focused on this goal.

  • Fully-compliant, customized letters design
  • Printing
  • Address hygiene
  • Mailing
  • Real-time online account management
  • Archiving services

Through our collection letter services, PCI Group empowers your team with mission-critical information and robust tools that help them perform at their best to achieve your business goals. And with trakPCI, you can track your letters from our facility all the way to the debtor’s door, discover when remit payment is on its way, monitor your letter volume and return mail records, and so much more.

We’re so confident in PCI’s “Best in Class” debt collection letters services that we offer the industry’s only, 24/48-hour-in-the-mail guarantee. If your approved letters and files are not mailed within 24/48 hours (as agreed upon), processing and stationery are free. If the approved letters are not mailed in 48/72 hours, processing, stationery and first class postage are free.

Unique Debt Collection Letter Options

Dynamic, Digital Full Color Print

colorletterResearch shows that colors plays a pivotal role in captivating audiences and improving readership – key ingredients to a successful debt collection letter or statement campaign.

Utilizing state-of-the-art Xerox 1000 and Xerox 550 digital full color press technology, PCI is proud to now offer eye-popping full color – of unprecedented clarity – to your collection letters.






Pressure Seal

PCI-Check_optionPressure seal collection letters create a look reminiscent of a check by mail or W2 form.

Including perforated tear-away egdes, this special envelope entices customers to open.





Personal Plus

personalplusPCI Group has recently introduced the customer-friendly Personal Plus debt collection letters. Instead of utilizing a window envelope, we start with a closed faced envelope and insert a personalized debt collection letter.

The outside of the envelope is printed with a signature font type to look personalized, creating a friendly and distinct mail piece customized to the debtor. It’s a personal touch we believe will result in more open collection letters.

Certified First Class Mail

certified_mailCollection letters mailed in Certified Mail Envelopes are approved by the U.S. Postal Service to send USPS Certified Mail. Each envelope includes a proof of mailing manifest, in-route letter tracking and final Electronic Return Receipt ERR™ that provides USPS proof of letter delivery confirmation.

No forms or stickers are used in our automation.

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